Southwood Hall – Coming soon

We are as addicted to Pinterest as everyone else planning a wedding!

We watch the latest trends and pick up influences from modern life to create new unique ideas and keep every event fresh and current.

In the pipeline at the moment


We are trialling opening as a restaurant service on available Saturday evenings in the autumn with a different set menu on offer each week for your pre-selection.

The barn is vast and offers an amazing space for socially distanced dining.  If you would be interested in booking a table for up to six guests (that complies with all Covid guidance) please email us via

Future projects


Postponement of 2020 weddings into 2021 unfortunately for many means that the available accommodation options are limited.  As a response we are working on plans to create an additional three bedroomed unit on site – a project we call “Butlers”.

Plans are in their infancy but watch this space for updates!

Completed during lockdown

Kissing gates and pond landscaping

Some of the large conifers at the end of the front lawn were starting to damage the Grade II listed walls around the Folly Secret Garden so needed to be removed.  Screening plants will be added in the autumn planting season but we have already installed estate fencing complete with a kissing gate.  Fingers crossed that with the pond as a backdrop it will add another area for photographers to capture some unique images.

Recently completed in 2020

Giant wooden seat

A giant wooden seat near the meadow, perfect to take time out and watch people on the terrace.  With the animals grazing behind it offers a unique group photograph opportunity.